Our work has been featured in many news and media outlets from local to international. This outreach helps engage with the public on results and implications of our research. Please click on a link to read some of the past news on research in the Hughes Lab.

Sea otter research

2019 to present



See an article by yours truly about the history of sea otter conservation and recovery on the Lost and Found Blog: Searching for the Southern Sea Otter.

New children’s book by Patricia Newman based on my research is in bookstores!

See an article by Elizabeth Devitt about seagrass restoration work in central California with collaborator Kathy Boyer (SFSU) in Mongabay: Restoring seagrass under siege.

See an article by Ben Goldfarb and Kiliii Yuyan about some of my sea otter research and other great work being done in Elkhorn Slough in Nature Conservancy Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2016 edition.

See a special blog by Tim Ward on the Huffington Post: sea otters as Jedi restoring balance to one small part of the galaxy.

See the Special Feature in BioScience by Sharon Levey. 2015. Predators can help restore damaged coastal ecosystems.


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Video on otter research from Al Jazeera’s Earthrise.

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Long-term ecological and environmental research


Hypoxia-eutrophication research

See Commentary by Nancy Rabalais. 2015. Human impacts on fisheries across the land-sea interface. PNAS.


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