One of the primary missions of the Hughes Coastal Ecology and Conservation Lab at Sonoma State University is to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the University. Being a conservation lab situated in a highly diverse community at a minority-serving institution requires responsibility to our mission of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. Modern day conservation incorporates the principles of protecting biodiversity, but now also includes the human dimension as a critical component of conservation science. These principles have shown that increased inclusion in the scientific process and resource management decisions enhances positive conservation outcomes. We embrace these principles and strive to apply them to our professional and personal lives here at Sonoma State University. More specifically, we value and will standup for diverse voices from all people from all races, cultures, religions, gender identities, sexual orientation, socio-economic and societal backgrounds, ages and abilities. We not only aim to include a diverse array of students and colleagues in our lab, while also striving to promote their progress and voices as scientists and members of society. Furthermore, we will defend our colleagues from any bullying, harassment, intimidation, hate, bigotry, racism and/or any action that we view as counter to our principles within our lab, University and public communities.